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beauty-wellness and lifestyle  all in one space

Since 17 years ago Renee’s is a favorite spot for our families and business community, as well as to those who like to stay at the cutting edge in fashion, beauty or simply read a good book, work from a laptop or celebrate a special private event or business meeting. 

- '' We are not defined for an elegant, expensive or perfect place, we are defined by our welcoming, professional and friendly way to cater our clientele and the love for our job''.. 



Mission Tx is the home of Renee´s classic café where
you will enjoy the best coffee in town, exquisite home made breakfast and lunch,
with a fusion of Mexican & American cuisine, gluten free dishes, pastries and desserts meet art,
good music and impulse a growing sense of community.

Nestled in a unique concept where you can shop for
the best style clothing, the perfect gift, the most breathtaking piece of jewelry,
or simply get ready and beautiful for that special event at
our New Salon with the best Hair Designers and Makeup Artists. 

- '' The heart of our company are our employees ''.. 

Get away from your busy life at the best Boutique Spa in
town and treat yourself to one of a kind amethyst bed, or enjoy a luxurious facial.

All what Renee’s of Sharyland has to offer provides a quiet and relaxing atmosphere to disconnect and enjoy
'' - Me Time like no other place. ''

Thank you for choosing Renee’s of Sharyland!

Nuestra misión: 

En nuestra empresa, el concepto de encontrar todo en un solo lugar, restaurante, boutique, salón/spa y
tienda en linea trabajamos enfocados y dedicados a ofrecerles el mejor servicio al cliente, brindándole una experiencia única cada vez que nos visite.

-'' No buscamos ser un lugar perfecto, elegante y caro, nos define la calidez, el profesionalismo y amabilidad con
que atendemos a nuestros clientes y el amor a nuestro trabajo ''

Nuestra visión:  

Consolidarnos como el mejor y más completo restaurant, boutique y salón/spa en el sur de Texas, 
ofreciendo a nuestros clientes un ambiente agradable donde se sientan c0mo en casa y encuentren
todo lo que buscan en un solo lugar: el  mejor servicio a cliente, la mejor comida y el mejor precio. 

- '' El corazón de nuestra empresa son nuestros empleados''...

Thank you for choosing Renee’s of Sharyland!